• KAT® 300 - Automation Carriage

    The Gullco KAT® which has been used throughout the world for decades has been re-engineered to be smaller and lighter than previous models, yet robust and feature rich. These engineered features include:

      • Tool-less Setup, Adjustment & Operation
      • Self-aligning Wheels (Easy Installation)
      • Dynamic Dovetail Racking for versatile torch positioning
      • Quick clutch mechanism
      • OSHA Safety Orange
      • Ingress Protection (Sealed Unit) including Conformal Coated Circuit Boards
      • Energy Efficient
    • Universal Compatibility to all welding power sources and wire feeders
    • Torch holder memory for fast torch removal and accurate repositioning after cleaning
    • Compatible with all existing rigid track and the new semi rigid track sections


    Weight: 17 lb (7.7 kg)

    Speed Range: 2.5 - 83.1 cm/min ( 1 - 32.7 IPM)

    Racking Weight: 9 lb (4 kg)

    Power Requirements: 42 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC Models available.

    Vertical Capacity: 56 lb (25.4 kg)


    DYNAMIC RACKING: Using a machined dovetail racking system and locking rack box, torch positioning is versatile and adjustable. The rack box can be positioned anywhere along the racking and torch removal and adjustment is simple.

    SELF-ALIGNING WHEELS: Self-aligning wheels means the carriage is mounted to the track correctly and easily every time. This ensures smooth carriage motion and maximizes the life of the track.

    TORCH HOLDER MEMORY: The torch holder has been designed for quick and easy removal of the torch so that cleaning and accurate repositioning of the welding torch in the optimal position is simple and consistent.

    PADDLE LOCKS: Quick installation paddle locks provide smooth transition of the self-aligning wheels onto the track.

    Lightweight design engineered for optimal setup times utilizing the self-aligning wheels and paddle lock technology.

    Semi rigid track is made from precision extruded aluminum and a securely affixed steel rack. The interchangeable end design enables fast accurate joining of the track sections and provides smooth movement of the carriage along the track in both flat and curved surfaces. Flexibility to a minimum of 24 ft. (7315.2 mm) ID/OD.










  • KAT Welding Automation Carriage

    • Welding Carriage
    • Programmable
    • Low Voltage
    • All Position
    • Variable Speed
    The Gullco Rigid KAT® welding carriage is used throughout the world to automate a wide variety of welding and cutting operations. It is a rugged, reliable precision welding and cutting travel carriage designed for use on rigid track which enables it to operate along any plane. The rigid track can be used in straight sections or be formed for use on curved surfaces. Gullco manufactures several systems and accessories designed for use with the Rigid KAT® making it one of the most versatile pieces of welding and cutting automation equipment available in the industry.

    The KAT® carriage is used throughout the world to automate and improve the quality and efficiency of single or multiple arc welding or cutting operations. Welding guns or cutting torches mounted on the KAT® carriage move along track at precisely controlled speeds along the desired path in forward or reverse direction. Gullco's Rigid KAT® carriage enables welding guns or cutting torches to operate with precise motion from start to finish regardless of the number of passes or the work pieces involved. By adopting this automation great improvements to the quality, efficiency and repeatability of the process are achieved. Poor or awkward accessibility, operator fatigue, or inconsistent workmanship are eliminated.

    This unit is designed for operation on flat or curved surfaces as the track can be used in straight sections or formed to follow the contour of the workpiece. The self-aligning wheel system of the carriage grips the top and bottom of the track, enabling it to travel along any plane. The adjustable wheel assembly keeps the carriage snug to the track, while allowing it to be easily mounted and removed from the track at any point. The positive drive of the KAT® is obtained from a uniquely designed rack and pinion system, driven by a low voltage permanent magnet motor and gear-head power unit assembly.

    Choose a part number below for more detailed information.

  • KAT - Flex Track - Arc Start

    • Welding Carriage
    • Programmable
    • Low Voltage
    • All Position
    • Variable Speed
    Incorporating Gullco's highly versatile "G Type" control
    Reliable automation that improves quality and reduces costs in welding and cutting operations

    The Gullco Flex KAT® is used throughout the world to automate a wide variety of welding and cutting operations. It is a rugged, reliable precision travel carriage designed for use flexible track which enables it to operate on straight or curved surfaces along any plan Gullco manufactures several systems and accessories designed for use with the Flex KAT®...making it one of the most versatile pieces of welding/cutting automation equipment available.

    The Gullco Flex KAT® carriage is used throughout the world to automate and improve the quality and efficiency of single or multiple "head" welding/cutting operations. Welding guns or cutting torches mounted on the KAT® carriage move along flexible Gullco "Flex Track" at precisely controlled speeds along the desired path in forward or reverse direction. Gullco's Flex KAT® carriage enables welding guns or cutting torches to operate with precise motion from start to finish regardless of the number of passes or the work pieces involved, improving the quality, efficiency and repeatability of the process. Poor or awkward accessibility, operator fatigue, or inconsistent workmanship are eliminated.

    This unit is designed for operation on curved surfaces as the flexible track can be positioned to follow the contour of the workpiece. The self-align ing wheel system of the carriage grips the top and bottom of the track, enabling it to travel along any plane. The adjustable wheel assembly keeps the carriage snug to the track, while allowing it to be easily mounted and removed from the track at any point. The positive drive of the KAT® is obtained from a uniquely designed sprocket that engages with slots in the track, driven by a low voltage permanent magnet motor and gear-head power unit assembly.

  • GK-100-W.png

    The GULLCO® KAT®100 automation carriage is the major component of an automated system designed to improve welding and cutting applications by increasing quality and reducing the cost of operations by increasing productivity.

    Operator safety is greatly enhanced by the use of GULLCO® low voltage (24 VDC) control and switch-mode power supply integration. The carriage consists of a low voltage 24 VDC permanent magnet gear motor which engages the track through a set of spur gears. An easy to engage clutch lever permits free-wheeling of the carriage for rapid positioning. The carriage is designed to run on a rigid KAT® track to provide stable consistent results.

    KAT®100 series carriages come in 2 models to automate both welding and cutting applications along with a variety of accessories to help improve efficiency including torch positioning and movement as well as arc start integration.

    The simplest in the series of KAT® mechanized automation. The 100 is designed to be an entry-level carriage with a simple setup, minimal control complexity, and quickly integrates into a variety of welding and cutting applications.


    Speed Range: 1 – 85.5 in/min [2.5 – 217.2 cm/min] No Load Horizontal 2 - 72 in/min [5.1 – 182.9 cm/min] Full Load Vertical

    Weight of Carriage: 13.2 lbs. [6 kg]

    Vertical Load Capacity: 50 lbs. [23 kg]

    Motor: 24 VDC permanent magnet gear motor

    Supply Voltage: 85 to 264 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz.

    Complies with: CE Certification

  • Kat Carriage Oscillator Combination

    KAT Automation Carriage | Radial and Linear Weld Oscillation

    This advanced weld oscillation system is designed to increase production and improve the quality of the weld produced in automatic mechanized welding operations by minimizing weld defects such as poor penetration, incomplete fusion, overlap and undercut.

    The GK-200 Series automation ;carriages come with the option for linear or radial oscillation head and can be equipped for use on either rigid or flexible track.
    The oscillator is available with a linear, pendulum, tangential or step (square pattern) motion to the welding gun with adjustable motorized stroke width, infinitely variable stroke speed adjustment, three independent position dwell times, motorized centre line positioning and automatic wire feed start and travel start/stop interface.
    By combining welding gun oscillation movement with the precision controlled travel speed of the KAT® carriage increased weld quality and consistency can be achieved while reducing the overall production cost of the welding application. Up to 10 weld programs can be produced and stored.

    Flat or Curved Surface Weld Oscillation | All Position Welding

    The KAT® Weld Oscillation Automation Carriage ;is comprised of the Compact Oscillator head, controls, mounting brackets, connecting cable, 1-1/8" heavy duty micro fine rack boxes with rack arms for horizontal and vertical adjustments and standard MIG gun holder, together with a KAT® carriage for rigid track or flex track as shown above.

    GK-200-F: Carriages are supplied with a KAT® specifically designed for operation on spring steel KAT® Flexible Track.

    GK-200-R: Carriages are supplied with a KAT® specifically designed for operation on rigid aluminum KAT® Track.

    All are equipped with the Gullco microprocessor-based programmable control with a closed loop feedback for complete speed accuracy regardless of load [0-100 lbs. (45kgs)] when operating in any weld position.

    Exclusive Tangential and Pendulum or Linear Motion
    The oscillator heads are capable of producing three distinct motions when mounted in either the horizontal or vertical position.

    Motorized Centre Line Adjustment
    With independent, electronically controlled dwells (0-5sec.) at each end of the stroke and at the centre of the stroke path. The proper torch angle/position is established quickly and easily with the KAT® oscillation heads. It's simply a matter of tilting the oscillator, which can be adjusted side to side or forward/backward...eliminating the time consuming and generally ineffective procedure of tilting the carriage or track.

    Motorized Stroke Width
    Easy, precise adjustment to provide the required weld pattern.

    Oscillation Speed Control
    Oscillation speed electronically controlled by speed potentiometer, 140 inches per minutes (linear) 45" per second (radial).

    GK-201-100-RC Separate Remote Controlled Compact Oscillator Assembly - Linear or Radial
    This assembly is comprised of either a ;linear or radial oscillator head with MIG gun holder, remote control box, control cable (up to 20ft), micro fine rack boxes, rack arms: and brackets. It can be mounted on existing KAT® automation carriage, welding head manipulators, side beam carriages, etc.

    Combine High Precision With Exceptional Versatility

    High Precision, state-of-the-art controls on the KAT® carriage automatically direct the desired forward / reverse movement or dwell of the welding gun and its oscillation motion to produce the numerous weld patterns shown below. The carriage control enables the carriage speed and direction to be pre-set and shown on its highly visible LED display in ipm or cm/min. The oscillator controls at right enable pre-setting and carriage delay / start after wire feed start, dwell times, stroke speed, stroke width, program storage and cycle start.

  • KAT Indexer - Cladding and Overlay Welding Carriage

    Automates Overlay/Cladding Welding Operations

    The Gullco KAT®Indexing System is typically used to automate single or multi-head overlay/cladding welding operations, hard surfacing, etc. The automatic routine drives a motorized device (either the KAT®carriage or the motorized rack arm), cycling back and forth between limit switches. When the device that is cycling reaches a limit switch, it pauses, and the other motorized device starts to index the gun/torch a preset distance in a preset direction. An Arc Signal Relay is supplied with the system to provide integrated arc activation signals to the overlay/surfacing equipment. Two GSP controls, each with dedicated microprocessor chips, are used to control the automatic, two axis indexing system. One GSP control is the Cycle Control and the other is the Index Control. Each control offers user programmable parameters/variables to allow fine-tuning and functional control of the automatic cycle. Gullco Indexing Systems, enable repetitive overlay/ surfacing cycles to be preformed, with precise motion of the gun/torch from start to finish, regardless of the number of passes of the work pieces involved.

    Main Components: KAT®Travel Carriage (Flex KAT®for use on flexible track of Rigid KAT®for use on rigid track), KAT®Carriage/Indexer controls, Motorized Indexer Rack Box, Heavy Duty Rack Arm, Control Cable, Limit Switch activators for Carriage and Rack Arm, Torch Holder for standard MIG gun.

    Controls: Two GSP controls mounted in the KAT®, each with dedicated microprocessor chips, are used to control the automatic, two axis indexing system. One drives the KAT®, carriage; and one drives the motorized rack arm. They provide: Auxiliary wire feeder on/off, 16 Position Switch giving selectable index increments, Maximum travel of 24" (609 mm) using 36" (914 mm) long rack arm, Two Digit Display indicating time that rack arm will index, KAT®Carriage Forward/ Reverse Switch and Carriage speed potentiometer, rack arm Jog Switch and Left/Off/Right switch, Auto On/Off switch, LED display.

    Indexing Motorized Rack Box: Complete with limit switches and activators to prevent rack arm overrun, high torque gear motor to provide precise repeatability of the rack arm indexing distance. Standard assembly combines heavy duty 8" (203 mm) long rack box with 1-1/8" (29 mm) sq. x 36 (914 mm) long rack arm. Other lengths available

    Flex or Rigid KAT®Travel Carriage: with microprocessor pulse width modulation motor controls offering operator interface of forward, stop, reverse and infinitely variable control of the speed, within the range of the models. Travel speeds of the KAT®and Rack box are electronically controlled using an optical tachometer on the back of each gear-motor. Through the use of this closed loop, feedback circuitry, each motor control can obtain accurate and constant speed control of the equipment when running in any plane, regardless of the load (within the rating of the equipment). The length of the KAT®travel path is pre-set by positioning the Track Stops at each end of the desired path. They engage and activate limit switches on the KAT®Travel Carriage to: automatically stop the travel carriage and reverse its movement, activate the control that indexes the rack arm and signals the welding gun to weld or not weld during indexing.

    Safety is greatly enhances by the use of Gullco's low voltage (24V), highly advanced controls and power supply system. Three line voltage inputs, 42, 115 and 230 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz, are available.

  • KAT Travel Carriage Auto-Weld Combination

    The KAT® Carriage Auto-Weld enables a wide variety of automated welding cycles that can be repeatedly performed along any plane. The advanced Auto-Weld control monitors, via distance travelled, and responds to limit switches mounted on the KAT® which in turn respond to adjustable activators mounted at appropriate positions on the KAT® Track. Travel direction/speed and length of travel path are synchronized with precise weld start and weld stop settings. By combining different control settings and limit switch activator positions, a wide variety of welding cycles can be repeatedly performed. The KAT® Auto-Weld Combination is ideal for stitch welding and seam welding applications where repeatability and accuracy are desired. The reliability and precision of this automated welding system reduces cost, adds efficiency and improves quality.

    KAT® Travel Carriage/Auto Weld Combination comprises:

    Gullco Auto-Weld KAT®Travel Carriage with heavy duty self-aligning wheel assemblies, closed loop tack feed back for accurate speed control when running in any plane, regardless of load. Maximum 100lbs. (45kgs). Carriage is controlled by the new Gullco low voltage 24 volt GSP microprocessor pulsed width modulation motor control, interfacing with the forward/stop/reverse switch and infinitely variable 4 - turn speed potentiometer. LED display in IPM or cm/min and with a ten position rotary switch to adjust various functions. (shown on other side of page) Operates on 42, 115 or 230 volts, single phase, 50/60 Hz A.C. power supply.

    Limit Switches - 3 limit switches are mounted on the outside of the carriage. One each for forward, reverse and centre limit for weld start positioning and weld on/off activation.

    Adjustable Park and End Limit Switch Activators - for mounting on Gullco KAT® Rigid or Flex Track. Centre limit switch activator(s) to be supplied by the customer.

    Optional Remote Pendant Control Kit - Uses GSP control removed from KAT® Carriage...enabling remote operator control of the Auto-Weld unit.

  • MOGGY® - Standard.jpg

    • Ideal for automatic horizontal fillet, lap and butt welding operations
    • Controls are available to perform continuous and/or stitch weld operations
    • Dual gun holder assembly is available for efficient simultaneous welding
    • Wheels on the standard Moggy can be reversed to allow the moggy to run on standard v-groove track
    • The magnetic moggy has a magnetic base that clings to the vertical member for out of position applications
    MOGGY® Automated Trackless Welding Carriage

    The Gullco MOGGY® friction drive travel carriage is designed to perform Horizontal Fillet Welding, Lap Welding and Butt Welding. It can be fitted with a Gullco Compact Oscillator to perform multi-pass welding. These operations can be performed on horizontal fillets with a minimum radius of 39 in. (1 meter) and up to a 30º incline. Following is a brief description of the Moggy and components that make up the system.

    It is a lightweight, portable, four wheel friction drive travel carriage that can be used with or without track to automate welding operations. A speed potentiometer provides infinite speed selection within the 3.25-100.50 in/min (8.26-255.27 cm/min) range. The unit comes complete with adjustable guide rolls, travel limit switch assembly, vertical and horizontal slides providing 1 3/4" (44.4mm) adjustment and a semi-automatic gun holder. It is designed to run on a horizontal path against a vertical surface or a vertical path against a horizontal surface (Magnetic MOGGY®) to perform a fillet weld.

    The Standard MOGGY® can be adapted for use on standard 6" (152.4mm) v-groove track by reversing the wheel assemblies. Safety is assured by using Gullco low voltage 24 volt DC highly advanced control power supply system that is available in 3 line voltage inputs ... 42, 115 and 230 volt AC 50/60 Hz.

    Trackless Magnetic MOGGY® Trackless Welding Travel Carriage

    "low cost, highly efficient automation of out-of-position fillet, lap and butt welding applications"

    This Magnetic MOGGY® is essentially the same as the Standard MOGGY® described inside this folder except it has a magnetic base and heavy duty urethane 0.875" (22.23 mm) wide wheels for continuous travel in the horizontal and vertical position.

  • Electronic Seam Tracker System

    KAT® Tracker Electronic Seam Tracking System
    ...high precision tracking system that maintain the torch in optimum operating position regardless of variations in the weld seam...providing improved quality and efficiency in a wide variety of welding operations.

    The quality and efficiency achieved with today's automated welding systems can be impaired by material warpage, misalignment, irregular edge fit-up, different material thickness and other conditions that cause variations in the weld seam.

    Gullco KAT® Tracker restore optimum performance when these conditions are encountered. They continually sense the slightest variation across the weld seam and automatically correct the position of the weld torch.

    The trackers are designed for incorporation and use with the Gullco KAT® travel carriage system but can readily be used with other travelling and rotating devices employed in automated welding operations.

    The systems are effectively employed to cut costs and increase productivity in a wide range of applications such as tank, pressure vessel, pipe and structural component fabrication and deep groove welding operations.

    Gullco Kat Trackers are available in standard or heavy duty models to meet virtually all requirements. A brief description of each is provided below.

    Kat Trackers are precise, dependable and highly versatile. They can be used with a wide range of Gullco accessories/ systems such as oscillators, bridge units, multiple torch assemblies etc. Contact Gullco with your requirement.

    These Trackers provide precise right/left and vertical/ horizontal tracking plus...

    • Electronic "End of Plate Detection" - puts the tracking system on "hold"; Preventing the torch from driving into the plate and allowing welding to continue to the plate edge.
    • Electronic "Tack Detection" - interrupts the automatic tracking action when a tack-weld is encountered preventing the torch from rising prematurely...and returns the system to normal action when it reaches the end of the tack weld.

  • TP-300-AVC.png

    The Arc Length System (TP-300-AVC) is used in combination with TIG welding and plasma cutting power sources to give automatic control of the arc voltage to maintain arc length.

    The ALS monitors the arc voltage by comparing it with the level set on the TP-300-AVC front control panel and makes changes to the torch position as necessary. Once the torch height has been selected it will be maintained despite any changes in the height of the workpiece.

    The Arc Length System can be used for DC or AC welding using TIG or Plasma cutting processes and is manufactured to be extremely durable. The linear slide is robust, needing no maintenance or lubrication, and is completely dust and dirt resistant.

    Features Include:

    • One unit for both TIG and Plasma applications
    • Precision control of the torch positioning using the control box adjustments
    • LED Digital Readout of preset parameters
    • Arc Length Control Timer: Start delay can be set between 0 - 10 Seconds
    • Precision control of the sensitivity and actuator speed of the corrective changes made to the arc length
    • Control shows when welding current is flowing and start delay time has elapsed
    • Control Box can be mounted on an Idler Carriage or stands freely on its own


    Auxiliary supply power: 110V (105-120V) 50/60hz 1A max or 230V (220-240V) 50/60hz 0.6A max
    Welding / cutting current range: 20A-400A, (max 400A@60%).
    Welding voltage range: 10V-35V DC (option to set higher on request)
    Cutting voltage range: 100V-350V DC
    Positioner (linear actuator) voltage output: 0-15V DC (max 1A)
    Positioner (linear actuator) type: DC permanent magnet
    Digital meter accuracy – real value: +/- 1% +/-1 digit
    Protection class IP22
    Max no load (OCV) for TIG 99.9V DC (Or 120V peak)
    Max no load (OCV) for plasma cutting 400V DC
    Linear Slide Range: 4”
    Linear Slide Speed: 6”/min (15.2cm/min)
    Linear Slide Max Load: 12lb

  • E.A.H.S Components

    The E.A.H.S works by measuring welding current, comparing it to a target value that has been set by the operator and automatically adjusting the height of the welding gun to maintain the target welding current. The Model GK-203-400 is a standalone unit meaning it does not interface with the wire feeder. The arc activation trigger signal of the welding equipment that is used to start/stop the welding process must come from a separate piece of equipment, for example customer supplied control of other Gullco equipment. This advanced Electronic Arc Height Sensor package uses Gullco's sophisticated, yet easy to operate remote pendant control, in conjunction with a 4" linear slide assembly and current sensing control box, to provide precision arc height control during the welding process. Welding guns are readily mounted on the linear slide. This equipment is intended to automatically control the torch height throughout the welding process. The longitudinal movement can be obtained from either the work piece traveling while the linear remains stationary, or, by a travel carriage such as the Gullco KAT carriage carrying the E.A.H.S equipment down the length of the work piece which is the norm. Combining the welding gun height control with the precision controlled travel speed of the KAT carriage will allow high quality workmanship to be produced.

  • Mechanical Height Sensor

    Gullco Mechanical Seam Trackers and Height Sensors are designed for use with the Gullco Kat Travel Carriage to accurately maintain the required, pre-set distance between the gun or torch and the workpiece in automated welding and cutting operations.

    Three models are available to effectively meet various application needs. All are constant velocity, spring-type sensors utilizing hardened and ground slide bars with recirculator ball bushings to provide 1-3/4" (44mm) of torch float.

    Other float distances available on request.

  • KAT Arcair Gouging Carriage System

    Five Times Faster, Ten Times Less Grinding

    The Arcair-Matic® N7500 gouging system is highly productive for any metal fabrication operation where gouging and welding represents a large portion of the work schedule. This applies to almost all metals, including stainless steel, carbon, manganese, and chrome-moly steels.

    .All functions can be controlled, from determining gouge parameters, start/stop function, travel delay, and the capability to manually feed or retract the electrode in the Torch Head. The operator can view the amperage and voltage during gouging sequence easily while maintaining the electrode on the weld seam that’s being back gouged.

    A single electrode contact shoe assembly accepts a full range of jointed electrodes from 5/16" (7.9 mm) through 3/4" (19.1 mm).

  • SAM - Submerged Arc Welding Carriage

    Heavy Duty MOGGY®for Submerged Arc and Mig Welding

    The versatility and reliability of the world famous Gullco MOGGY®trackless travel carriage system and a variety of quality engineered components combine to provide a highly flexible self-contained welding unit. This Gullco unit is designed to produce precision, quality Submerged Arc or MIG welds.

    SAM®Carriage, Model GM-02-295 - Friction drive heavy-duty travel Carriage, with positive chain drive on four (4) rubber tired wheels using a closed loop tack feedback for accurate speed control. Carriage controlled by the Gullco low voltage 24 volt GSP microprocessor pulse width modulation motor control, all mounted in a remote pendant control box attached to 8 ft. (243.84 cm) control cable housing the GSP control providing the forward/stop/reverse switch and infinitely variable 4-turn speed potentiometer. LED display in IPM or cm/min. An interface cable assembly allows the Miller HDC 1500 DX to control the run/stop function of the SAM®Carriage. A manual clutch enables free wheeling. Carriage complete with a main mounting mast and handle assembly, mounting arm for one wire reel, all mounting arms equipped with quick jaw mast clamp assembly; vertical and horizontal manual 4" x 4" slides (with hardened ground rods with sleeve bearings for ease of adjustment). Control support arm and one (1) set (two[2]) adjustable guide roll arms. For operation on either 42/115/230 volts, single phase, 50/60 Hz AC power supply.

    SAM®Carriage, Model GM-02-275 - SAM®Heavy-Duty Friction Drive Carriage for mounting customer's supplied single sub-arc package. Carriage specifications same as model GM-02-295. No welding equipment is supplied.

    GM-02-250 SAM®Heavy-Duty Friction Drive Carriage
    Carriage specifications same as that of the GM-02-295, but provided with 17" x 22" (43.18 x 55.89 cm) aluminum plate providing full flat mounting surface for customer's supplied wire feeder.

    Special track and wheels available upon request.

  • Welding Positioner

    Increase productivity, quality and profitability in circumferential welding applications

    Gullco's Welding Positioner is a positive drive rotary turn table complete with mounting flange, drive and tilt mechanism and Microprocessor based pulse width modulation motor control. Standard and Programmable models are available. The welding positioner is driven by a low voltage permanent magnet motor and gearhead power unit assembly. The microprocessor motor control enables operator interface of start, stop, clockwise rotation, neutral, counter clock-wise rotation and infinitely variable control of the speed, within the range of the positioner model.

    The weld positioners rotation speed is electronically controlled using an optical tachometer located on the back of the gear-motor. Speeds within the range of the model are infinitely variable in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions through a rotary speed adjustment potentiometer located on the remote control. Table tilt is manually set at any desired angle, from 0º through 90º, quickly and easily. Safety while using the positioner is greatly enhanced with Gullco's low voltage (24 V) control and power supply system.

    GP/GPP 200 Series welding positioners are available in standard or programmable models which are equipped with corresponding remote controls

    The Standard Remote Control provides
    - infinitely variable rotation speed within the model's speed range
    - forward/neutral/reverse switch
    - run/stop switch
    - speed potentiometer

    The Programmable Remote Control with LED readout provides
    - infinitely variable rotation speed within the model's speed range
    - forward/neutral/reverse switch
    - run/stop switch
    - programmable microprocessor providing adjustable positioning timing cycles, amount of weld rotation, weld on/weld off through 360º and a signal to activate a pneumatically operated weld gun holder and wire feed arc activation.

    Purge-Equipped Models Available

    Model GP-300/350 "Through Hole" Positioner
    This positioner model is designed with a 2.5 inch (63 mm) "through hole" so the work piece can be passed through the unit... making production on long pieces easier and faster.

  • Self-Centering Welding Gripper

    This 3 jaw self-centering gripper is designed for use with all welding positioners including Gullco's GP/GPP-200 Series of positioners. It provides high levels of efficiency and versatility in operations involving welding of fittings, flanges, etc. Specifications are provided on the reverse of this sheet. Contact Gullco or your Gullco distributor for more detailed information.

    • Quickly and Easily Mounted on any make of positioner, turntable or tailstock using three bolts provided with the gripper.
    • Self-Centering ...fast, smooth close/open action using lever to firmly lock or release workpiece.
    • Rugged Construction...But Slim Design weighing only about half as much as a standard chuck. This feature provides minimal reduction in positioner capacity.
    Also Available From Gullco

    Gullco Model GP/GPP-200 Welding Positioners
    ...capacities up to 150 lbs. (68 kg.) in the vertical position, 300 lbs. (132 kg.) horizontal...0.27 to 4.63 rpm rotation and 0.75 - 12.5 rpm in the "H" model. Table tilts any angle 0 - 90º

  • Rotary Weld System

    Automate your circumferential welding operations and add efficiency and increased precision with the highly flexible Gullco Automatic Rotary Weld System.

    • rotary weld table with tack feedback interfaced with a PLC...providing precision stop/start, weld stop/start, adjustable rotation speed, weld overlap, multipass welding and tack welding
    • accurately adjustable tailstock with 6" (152mm) pneumatic clamping slide
    • motorized torch positioning slide...enabling quick and easy loading/unloading of the workpiece
    • maximum weight capacity 300 lbs (136kgs)
    • table lengths up to 20 ft (6096mm)
    Ideal for automating production of flanges, cylinders, end caps, valve components and other cylindrical parts.

    The Gullco Automatic Rotary Weld System is a low cost automated welding machine that produces consistent, precision welds on cylindrical workpieces. It is designed to provide reliable quality welds, either in high or low production. It is easy to operate while providing sophisticated operational flexibility.

    The Gullco Automatic Rotary Weld System comes complete with...

    - Gullco programmable Motor Control interfaced with a PLC providing adjustable rotation speed, rotation stop/start, weld stop/start, wire feed stop/start and emergency stop controls, LED display for all functions

    - Headstock...full 360° rotation with adjustable overlap, precision controlled electronically

    - Multipass Welding...available with automatic torch height adjustment

    - Torch Support with rack arm and micro-slide rack box providing vertical torch adjustment, 4 axis torch holder assembly

    - Tailstock...accurately adjustable with 6" (152mm) pneumatic clamping slide

    - Bed heavy duty steel construction available in lengths up to 20 ft 6096mm)

    The Gullco Automatic Rotary Weld System is also available as a multi-torch system.

  • Porta Welder - Welding Manipulator

    Bring the Weld to the Joint With This Self Contained Welding Station

    • Boom Capacity: 150 lb.
    • Boom Length: 87" (2209.8 mm)
    • Boom Travel Length: 31" (787.4 mm)
    • Mast Height: 62" (1574.8 mm)
    • Mast Travel: 40"(1016 mm)
    • 4 x 4 ft Base for Power Source Mounting
    • ForkLift Pockets for Moving
    • Operates on 115V
    Designed to bring the weld to the joint, the Porta-Welder is a self contained welding station and a convenient option for pipe and small tank manufacturers looking to improve the efficency of their welding operations. Ideally suited for small facilities or as a supporting option for larger dedicated welding systems. The telescoping boom provides a small footprint when the machine is not in use. Wheels and forklift pockets allow for ease of movement. The Porta-Welder can be equipped with a variety of welding heads and outfitted with a number of different accessories and options.

  • Manipulator System

    An Accurate and Reliable Automatic Rotary Weld Production System for a Fraction of the Price of a P.L.C./Servo System.

    Gullco's new microprocessor control not only provides improved speed regulation to Gullco's proven "GP" range of positioners, it also allows the positioner to be expanded into a fully automated welding cell. The control uses a tach feedback system to ensure smooth and accurate rotation of the workpiece and has the ability to activate pneumatic welding gun holder and wire-feed/arc activation signals, based on an operator defined welding cycle. The programmable microprocessor also provides adjustable positioning timing cycles, amount of weld rotation and weld on/off through 360º.

    Item Description
    A - Welding Positioner
    B - 3 Jaw Gripper
    C - Footswitch Assembly for Manual Operation
    D - Wire-feed/Arc Start Signal Kit
    E - Pneumatic Gun Positioning Assembly

  • Welding Turning Rolls

    Reduce pipe preparation costs with this rugged, portable equipment which rotates pipe from 2" to 16" (51 - 406mm) diameter. Two models are available; Model KR-200-L has a turning capacity of 1500 lbs (680 kg), and an infinitely variable forward/reverse speed range of 1-35.4 ipm (2.5-89.9 cm/min). Model KR-200-M has a turning capacity of 1500 lbs (680 kg) and precise control of the variable forward/reverse speed range of 2.2-70.8 ipm (5.6-180 cm/min). Contact Gullco or your Gullco distributor for complete details on these highly efficient, very affordable turning rolls.

    Long life, 6" (15.24 cm) diameter roller bearing wheels with rubber tires provide friction drive and uniformly smooth pipe rotation.

    • Electronic controls are immune to damage from high frequency and electromagnetic interference.
    • Portable: total weight of power and idler roll is 69 lbs. (31.3 kg). Use anywhere that 42, 115 or 220-240 volts* 50/60 cycle single phase power supply is available.
    • Protected on/off foot switch on 7.5 ft. (2.3m) cable provides maximum convenience and freedom for operator.
    • Models KR 200-L and -M are comprised of a Power Unit and protected on/off Foot Switch on a 7.5 ft. (2.3m) control cable. They incorporate a pilot light, forward/stop/reverse switch, and speed potentiometer.

  • Overlay Gantry System

    The Gullco Overlay / Cladding System is designed to operate in all positions. Ideal for use in boiler tube walls, pressure vessel tanks and other applications where overlay repair is necessary.

    The overlay system allows for precise control of travel speed which allows the operator to achieve clean consistent weld overlay patterns. The entire system is made up of existing Gullco products and can be easily disassembled into various smaller components for transporting or maneuvering through tighter openings.

    Gullco’s team of in house engineers can customize the system to meet specific

  • Gullco Gantry/Bridge Systems

    Custom Engineered to Automate Welding/Cutting Operations

    Gullco Gantry Units are custom designed assemblies that are used in a variety of applications such as automated seam welding, fabricated assemblies, stiffener seams and automated cutting operations such as stripping and edge preparation. Gullco will custom design a gantry/bridge unit to meet your specific requirements. A wide variety of custom design features and efficient, high quality Gullco systems and components provide cost effective, reliable solutions for your welding/cutting needs.

  • Vacuum Track Mounting System

    The Gullco vacuum mounting systems are designed to firmly hold the KAT® Rigid and Flex Tracks in position on magnetic and non-magnetic materials. The systems are rugged and dependable while incorporating a light weight design for portability. There are Vacuum/ KAT® carriage packages specifically designed for automatic welding and cutting applications.

    Model GV-168-50

    Comprised of electric motor driven, 2.4 cfm capacity vacuum pump mounted on cylindrical safety reservoir. Complete with vacuum gauge, filter, non-return valve, necessary fittings and 10 ft. (3048 mm) of flexible hose with quick disconnect coupling. *Recommended 3 pieces of GK-165-054 Rigid or GK-192-F-054-2 Flexible Track per vacuum pump.

    Comprised of two vacuum cups, manifold block and mounting pad. The manifold has openings at each end and at the centre of each side for fittings required in assemblies such as hose connectors, couplings, valves and plugs. VACUUM MANIFOLD ASSEMBLIES Link any number of Vacuum Block Mounting Units to provide a complete, in-line track mounting system. The end units are supplied with appropriate fittings for attachment to the pump or the next series of mounting units, while all "in-between" units have hose connectors on each side.

    Gullco can supply a ready-to-use "kit" to vacuum mount KAT® Track, providing manifold block mounting units for mounting on 30" (761 mm) centers along with all appropriate hoses, fittings, etc.
    For convenience, three "Kits" are available for mounting standard 48", 96" and 120" (1219, 2438 and 3048mm) lengths of KAT® Track. They are described at right. It should be noted that these kits are supplied for use only with the designated track length.If lengths are to be joined, interconnecting fittings must be ordered.
    3 lengths of 120" (3048mm) track can be handled by on vacuum pump (Model GV-168-50) depending on work surface finish.

    Gullco Flex-Track is 8ft. (2438 mm) and has holes for at-tachment of manifold block mounting units and stainless steel mounting brackets (photo at left). In some applications, the number of manifold block units may be safely reduced by using brackets so the number of each supplied will vary according to application requirements. For convenience, two Kits are available for vacuum mounting KAT® Flex-Track, one meeting minimum stiffness requirements, the other provid-ing standard stiffness.

  • KAT Rigid Standard Section Track
  • Rack Boxes

    Download Product Brochure

    Gullco's welding automation carriages and tractors are built with a modular design which allows for a variety of accessories to be used in different ways to complete various applications. By configuring these accessories differently hundreds of application solutions can be achieved. View more detailed information by choosing an accessory below or by viewing the literature in the link provided above.

  • Weld Shaver System

    The weld shaver carriage uses force compliance to allow the weld shaver head to maintain contact over contoured surfaces and ensures a consistent and precision weld removal. Force compliance technology combined with DC Servo Spindles increases:

    Cutter Insert Life
    Operator Safety

    The weld shaver removes up to 90% of the weld height at a rate of up to 3 ft/min (61 cm/min) and can remove welds of 0.375 - 3 Inches (0.9525 - 7.62 cm). The weld shaver system is an automated solution for the rapid removal of weld beads above a panel surface. The Weld Shaver is moved along a track by the Drive Carriage with the user managing everything remotely from the Control Console. The TWS91 System is comprised of five major components; the Track (either Flex or High-Flex), the Drive Carriage, the Weld Shaver, the Control Umbilical, and the Control Console.