Heavy Duty MOGGY®for Submerged Arc and Mig Welding

The versatility and reliability of the world famous Gullco MOGGY®trackless travel carriage system and a variety of quality engineered components combine to provide a highly flexible self-contained welding unit. This Gullco unit is designed to produce precision, quality Submerged Arc or MIG welds.

SAM®Carriage, Model GM-02-295 - Friction drive heavy-duty travel Carriage, with positive chain drive on four (4) rubber tired wheels using a closed loop tack feedback for accurate speed control. Carriage controlled by the Gullco low voltage 24 volt GSP microprocessor pulse width modulation motor control, all mounted in a remote pendant control box attached to 8 ft. (243.84 cm) control cable housing the GSP control providing the forward/stop/reverse switch and infinitely variable 4-turn speed potentiometer. LED display in IPM or cm/min. An interface cable assembly allows the Miller HDC 1500 DX to control the run/stop function of the SAM®Carriage. A manual clutch enables free wheeling. Carriage complete with a main mounting mast and handle assembly, mounting arm for one wire reel, all mounting arms equipped with quick jaw mast clamp assembly; vertical and horizontal manual 4" x 4" slides (with hardened ground rods with sleeve bearings for ease of adjustment). Control support arm and one (1) set (two[2]) adjustable guide roll arms. For operation on either 42/115/230 volts, single phase, 50/60 Hz AC power supply.

SAM®Carriage, Model GM-02-275 - SAM®Heavy-Duty Friction Drive Carriage for mounting customer's supplied single sub-arc package. Carriage specifications same as model GM-02-295. No welding equipment is supplied.

GM-02-250 SAM®Heavy-Duty Friction Drive Carriage
Carriage specifications same as that of the GM-02-295, but provided with 17" x 22" (43.18 x 55.89 cm) aluminum plate providing full flat mounting surface for customer's supplied wire feeder.

Special track and wheels available upon request.

Power Supply

N/A for operation on either 42/115/230 volts, single phase, 50/60 Hz AC


N/A 230 V

Speed Range

N/A 10 to 168 cm/min