• Magnetic base allows for out of position welding applications
  • Ideal for automatic horizontal fillet, lap or butt welding applications
  • Controls available for continuous of stitch welding operations
  • Dual gun holder assemblies make automated simultaneous welding efficient
  • The MOGGY® can be equipped with a variety of accessories including: weld oscillator
  • cutting torch attachment and internal radius guide wheels
Magnetic MOGGY® Automated Welding System

This magnetic base automated welding carriage is intended to automate and improve the quality of welding and cutting operations by carrying the welding gun or cutting torch, at precisely controlled speeds, along the path of the joint as well as providing the interface between the welding and cutting motion and the arc start and stop signal. The Magnetic MOGGY® is normally guided by adjustable guide wheels which are used to keep a set distance from the joint path.

The carriage is flexible enough to allow it to be easily configured for horizontal lap, butt and fillet weld joints as well as a variety of cutting processes. The GM-03-300 model provides continuous welding and cutting and also offer accurate distance stitch weld functionality, regardless of travel speed adjustment. Using the Magnetic MOGGY® automation carriage system will add accuracy and uniformity to welding and cutting operations while increasing productivity. Typical applications include shipbuilding, offshore construction, railcar and dump truck construction as well as a variety of other steel fabrication industries.

MOGGY® - GM-03-300
Magnetic carriage with control for continuous or stitch welding. Comes with a control that uses a Gullco microprocessor to provide accurate repeatability regardless of travel speeds for weld distance on and weld distance off. it has a forward/stop/reverse switch, wire feed start on/off switch, travel speed potentiometer, auto wire feed start with delay carriage start, wire feed connector with 15ft. (4572mm) control cable. All functions displayed in an highly visible LED window.
Unit of Measure


N/A Magnetic

Speed Range

N/A 3 to 54 in/min7.6 to 137 cm/min


N/A 17 in431.8 mm


N/A 14 in355.7 mm


N/A 12.9 in327.3 mm


N/A 31 lb14.1 kg