These Gullco Stabilizing Ovens have gained international recognition and acceptance based on a variety of quality and performance features including....
  • compact, modular design with controls recessed for protection.
  • shelves easily removed to accommodate large size loads.
  • oven fully insulated to prevent heat loss....pilot light indicates oven operation.
  • thermostat control, incorporating on/off switch, maintains oven temperature in 37.8º - 287.8º C range.
  • models 125 and 350 feature nesting feet and sockets for safe, easy stacking.
High Temp to 343º C Available on Most Models

Weight capacity depends on electrode length.
Unit of Measure


N/A 454 kg

Outside Dimensions

N/A 1016mm x 768mm x 768mm

Inside Dimensions

N/A 610mm x 552mm x 610mm

Unit Weight (approx.)

N/A 150 kg

Electrode Size

N/A Up to 457 mm

Line Cord

N/A None


N/A Yes

Pilot Light

N/A Yes

Temp. Range

N/A 38-288 ºC

Door Latch

N/A Push/Pull


N/A Yes


N/A 220 / 440 Volt, AC