• 10B - Welding Rod Oven - Portable

    They're lightweight, rugged and completely portable...easy to load, easy to carry...ready to provide low cost control of welding quality in the shop or in the field. Reduce operating costs by providing your welding operators with fast access to electrodes at the point-of-work. There's a model exactly suited to your requirements.

    Weight capacity depends on welding electrode length

  • Electrode Stabilizing Compact In-Shop Oven Model 1000

    These Gullco Stabilizing Ovens have gained international recognition and acceptance based on a variety of quality and performance features including....

    • compact, modular design with controls recessed for protection.
    • shelves easily removed to accommodate large size loads.
    • oven fully insulated to prevent heat loss....pilot light indicates oven operation.
    • thermostat control, incorporating on/off switch, maintains oven temperature in 37.8º - 287.8º C range.
    • models 125 and 350 feature nesting feet and sockets for safe, easy stacking.
    High Temp to 343º C Available on Most Models

    Weight capacity depends on electrode length.