The KAT® Carriage Auto-Weld enables a wide variety of automated welding cycles that can be repeatedly performed along any plane. The advanced Auto-Weld control monitors, via distance travelled, and responds to limit switches mounted on the KAT® which in turn respond to adjustable activators mounted at appropriate positions on the KAT® Track. Travel direction/speed and length of travel path are synchronized with precise weld start and weld stop settings. By combining different control settings and limit switch activator positions, a wide variety of welding cycles can be repeatedly performed. The KAT® Auto-Weld Combination is ideal for stitch welding and seam welding applications where repeatability and accuracy are desired. The reliability and precision of this automated welding system reduces cost, adds efficiency and improves quality.

KAT® Travel Carriage/Auto Weld Combination comprises:

Gullco Auto-Weld KAT®Travel Carriage with heavy duty self-aligning wheel assemblies, closed loop tack feed back for accurate speed control when running in any plane, regardless of load. Maximum 100lbs. (45kgs). Carriage is controlled by the new Gullco low voltage 24 volt GSP microprocessor pulsed width modulation motor control, interfacing with the forward/stop/reverse switch and infinitely variable 4 - turn speed potentiometer. LED display in IPM or cm/min and with a ten position rotary switch to adjust various functions. (shown on other side of page) Operates on 42, 115 or 230 volts, single phase, 50/60 Hz A.C. power supply.

Limit Switches - 3 limit switches are mounted on the outside of the carriage. One each for forward, reverse and centre limit for weld start positioning and weld on/off activation.

Adjustable Park and End Limit Switch Activators - for mounting on Gullco KAT® Rigid or Flex Track. Centre limit switch activator(s) to be supplied by the customer.

Optional Remote Pendant Control Kit - Uses GSP control removed from KAT® Carriage...enabling remote operator control of the Auto-Weld unit.

For Use On

N/A Kat Rigid Track

Input Supply

N/A 115 VAC

Auto-Weld Control System

N/A provides settings to establish:
  • Operating position
  • Travel start delay after arc start signal, adjustable 0 - 9.9 seconds.
  • Crater fill delay, allowing the wire feed signal to stay active after carriage stop, adjustable 0- 9.9 seconds.
  • Post weld delay, sets a delay adjustable 0 - 9.9 seconds after each crater fill delay for burn back or post flow to occur.
  • Weld direction- forward, reverse, or "forward & reverse"
  • Center limit switch use, to enable rapid traverse to weld start point using center limit switch.*
  • Stitch weld electronically programmed using carriage travel distance, adjustable 0.1 - 99.9 in. or cm.
  • Stitch no weld electronically programmed using
  • carriage travel distance, adjustable 0.1 - 99.9 in. or cm.
  • Automatic carriage return to home. Limit switch activated.
  • Continual forward and reverse of carriage using limit activators.
*Note: Centre Limit Switch Activator to be supplied by customer