Reduce pipe preparation costs with this rugged, portable equipment which rotates pipe from 2" to 16" (51 - 406mm) diameter. Two models are available; Model KR-200-L has a turning capacity of 1500 lbs (680 kg), and an infinitely variable forward/reverse speed range of 1-35.4 ipm (2.5-89.9 cm/min). Model KR-200-M has a turning capacity of 1500 lbs (680 kg) and precise control of the variable forward/reverse speed range of 2.2-70.8 ipm (5.6-180 cm/min). Contact Gullco or your Gullco distributor for complete details on these highly efficient, very affordable turning rolls.

Long life, 6" (15.24 cm) diameter roller bearing wheels with rubber tires provide friction drive and uniformly smooth pipe rotation.
  • Electronic controls are immune to damage from high frequency and electromagnetic interference.
  • Portable: total weight of power and idler roll is 69 lbs. (31.3 kg). Use anywhere that 42, 115 or 220-240 volts* 50/60 cycle single phase power supply is available.
  • Protected on/off foot switch on 7.5 ft. (2.3m) cable provides maximum convenience and freedom for operator.
  • Models KR 200-L and -M are comprised of a Power Unit and protected on/off Foot Switch on a 7.5 ft. (2.3m) control cable. They incorporate a pilot light, forward/stop/reverse switch, and speed potentiometer.
Unit of Measure


N/A Power Rolls

Turning Capacity

N/A 1500 lb680 kg

Load Capacity/Roll

N/A 750 lb340 kg

Pipe Dia. Range

N/A 2 - 16 in51 - 406 mm

Speed Range

N/A 2.5 to 89.9 cm/min1 to 35.4 in/min


N/A 48 lb21.8 kg