Gullco Mechanical Seam Trackers and Height Sensors are designed for use with the Gullco Kat Travel Carriage to accurately maintain the required, pre-set distance between the gun or torch and the workpiece in automated welding and cutting operations.

Three models are available to effectively meet various application needs. All are constant velocity, spring-type sensors utilizing hardened and ground slide bars with recirculator ball bushings to provide 1-3/4" (44mm) of torch float.

Other float distances available on request.
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GK-190-602 N/A Height Sensor has a stainless steel ball transfer that is particularly useful to maintain contact on curved surfaces or vertical applications
GK-190-600 N/A Height Sensor has an adjustable swivel copper guide wheel to contact the work surface
GK-190-603 N/A Seam Tracker is specifically designed for fillet welding applications
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