KAT® Tracker Electronic Seam Tracking System
...high precision tracking system that maintain the torch in optimum operating position regardless of variations in the weld seam...providing improved quality and efficiency in a wide variety of welding operations.

The quality and efficiency achieved with today's automated welding systems can be impaired by material warpage, misalignment, irregular edge fit-up, different material thickness and other conditions that cause variations in the weld seam.

Gullco KAT® Tracker restore optimum performance when these conditions are encountered. They continually sense the slightest variation across the weld seam and automatically correct the position of the weld torch.

The trackers are designed for incorporation and use with the Gullco KAT® travel carriage system but can readily be used with other travelling and rotating devices employed in automated welding operations.

The systems are effectively employed to cut costs and increase productivity in a wide range of applications such as tank, pressure vessel, pipe and structural component fabrication and deep groove welding operations.

Gullco Kat Trackers are available in standard or heavy duty models to meet virtually all requirements. A brief description of each is provided below.

Kat Trackers are precise, dependable and highly versatile. They can be used with a wide range of Gullco accessories/ systems such as oscillators, bridge units, multiple torch assemblies etc. Contact Gullco with your requirement.

These Trackers provide precise right/left and vertical/ horizontal tracking plus...
  • Electronic "End of Plate Detection" - puts the tracking system on "hold"; Preventing the torch from driving into the plate and allowing welding to continue to the plate edge.
  • Electronic "Tack Detection" - interrupts the automatic tracking action when a tack-weld is encountered preventing the torch from rising prematurely...and returns the system to normal action when it reaches the end of the tack weld.

System Components

N/A Main Control Box, Pendant Remote Control Box, Probe, Probe Micro Cross-Slide, Motorized Cross-Slide Assembly, Probe-To-Torch Mounting Bracket, Control Cables from Probe and Cross-Slide to Main Control Box, Torch Holder with vertical/ horizontal adjustment, Brackets for mounting Cross-Slide and Main Control Box on Kat Travel Carriage.

Main Control Box

N/A Incorporates main power switch, On off pilot light, signal lights Indicating sensing function and fuse. Electronic circuit components Incorporated in modular system with Circuit boards for easy maintenance.

Size: (H) 5-1/2" (W) 2" (D) 1-1/2" (140 x 50 x 38mm.)
Weight: 2 lbs. (900grams)

Pendant Remote Control Box

N/A Incorporates manual/automatic changeover switch and inching switch-vertical up/down and horizontal left/right.

Size: (H) 5-1/2” (W) 2” (D) 1-1/2”(140 x 50 x 38mm. )
Weight: 2 lbs. (900 grams)
Seam Tracker Pendant Control.jpg


N/A Supplied complete with replaceable1/8” dia. Probe tip. Assembly incorporates a Shock Protector that protects the system’s electronics by breaking when heavy shock is encountered. Probe.jpg

Probe Micro Cross Slide

N/A Provides precise manual pre-positioning of probe relative to torch prior to automatic operations.
Stroke ± 3/4” (20mm).

Weight: 1-3/4 lbs. (900 grams)

Power Requirements

N/A 110/115 Volt AC-Single phase 50/60 Hz