An Accurate and Reliable Automatic Rotary Weld Production System for a Fraction of the Price of a P.L.C./Servo System.

Gullco's new microprocessor control not only provides improved speed regulation to Gullco's proven "GP" range of positioners, it also allows the positioner to be expanded into a fully automated welding cell. The control uses a tach feedback system to ensure smooth and accurate rotation of the workpiece and has the ability to activate pneumatic welding gun holder and wire-feed/arc activation signals, based on an operator defined welding cycle. The programmable microprocessor also provides adjustable positioning timing cycles, amount of weld rotation and weld on/off through 360º.

Item Description
A - Welding Positioner
B - 3 Jaw Gripper
C - Footswitch Assembly for Manual Operation
D - Wire-feed/Arc Start Signal Kit
E - Pneumatic Gun Positioning Assembly
Unit of Measure