Radial Weld Oscillator Carriage

The KAT® weld automation carriage with  radial oscillator is designed to increase production and improve the quality of the weld produced in automatic mechanized welding operations by minimizing weld defects such as poor penetration, incomplete fusion, overlap and undercut.

The GK-200-R Series automation carriages come with the universally independant linear oscillation head which is capable of pivoting and allows for the head to be positioned into the weld joint regardless of carriage position.

The radial oscillator head produces pendulum or tangential (angular pattern) motion to the welding gun with adjustable motorized stroke width, infinitely variable stroke speed adjustment, three independent position dwell times, motorized centre line positioning and automatic wire feed start and travel start/stop interface.
By combining welding gun oscillation movement with the precision controlled travel speed of the KAT® carriage increased weld quality and consistency can be achieved while reducing the overall production cost of the welding application. Up to 10 weld programs can be produced and stored.

Features and Details

The KAT® Weld Oscillation Automation Carriage is comprised of the Linear Oscillator head, controls, mounting brackets, connecting cable, 1-1/8" heavy duty micro fine rack boxes with rack arms for horizontal and vertical adjustments and standard MIG gun holder, together with a KAT® carriage for use on rigid track or semi flexible track.

All are equipped with the Gullco microprocessor-based programmable control with a closed loop feedback for complete speed accuracy regardless of load [0-100 lbs. (45kgs)] when operating in any weld position.

Motorized Centre Line Adjustment
With independent, electronically controlled dwells (0-5sec.) at each end of the stroke and at the centre of the stroke path. The proper torch angle/position is established quickly and easily with the KAT® oscillation heads. It's simply a matter of tilting the oscillator, which can be adjusted side to side or forward/backward...eliminating the time consuming and generally ineffective procedure of tilting the carriage or track.

Motorized Stroke Width
Easy, precise adjustment to provide the required weld pattern.

Oscillation Speed Control
Oscillation speed electronically controlled by speed potentiometer, 140 inches per minutes (linear) 45" per second (radial).

Combining High Precision With Exceptional Versatility

High Precision, state-of-the-art controls on the KAT® carriage automatically direct the desired forward / reverse movement or dwell of the welding gun and its oscillation motion to produce the numerous weld patterns shown below. The carriage control enables the carriage speed and direction to be pre-set and shown on its highly visible LED display in ipm or cm/min. The oscillator controls enable pre-setting and carriage delay / start after wire feed start, dwell times, stroke speed, stroke width, program storage and cycle start.


N/A Radial Oscillator - Rigid Track

Speed Range

N/A 2 to 224 cm/min

Input Supply

N/A 42, 115 or 230 VAC


N/A KAT Carriage Radial Weld Oscillator Head

Option Description

N/A The KAT Carriage Radial Weld Oscillator Automation System combines welding gun oscillation movement with precise travel speed to produce a wide variety of angular weld patterns. With this option the Kat's GSP control directs both the carriage travel speed/direction and the weld gun movement/ operation. This enables pre-setting of stroke speed, oscillator and carriage dwell times and carriage delay/start after wire feed start.