This 3 jaw self-centering gripper is designed for use with all welding positioners including Gullco's GP/GPP-200 Series of positioners. It provides high levels of efficiency and versatility in operations involving welding of fittings, flanges, etc. Specifications are provided on the reverse of this sheet. Contact Gullco or your Gullco distributor for more detailed information.
  • Quickly and Easily Mounted on any make of positioner, turntable or tailstock using three bolts provided with the gripper.
  • Self-Centering, smooth close/open action using lever to firmly lock or release workpiece.
  • Rugged Construction...But Slim Design weighing only about half as much as a standard chuck. This feature provides minimal reduction in positioner capacity.
Also Available From Gullco

Gullco Model GP/GPP-200 Welding Positioners
...capacities up to 150 lbs. (68 kg.) in the vertical position, 300 lbs. (132 kg.) horizontal...0.27 to 4.63 rpm rotation and 0.75 - 12.5 rpm in the "H" model. Table tilts any angle 0 - 90º

Accessories available

Unit of Measure


N/A 10.0 in254 mm


N/A 17.5 in444 mm


N/A 2.75 in70 mm


N/A 1.88 in48 mm


N/A 0.38 to 6.25 in10 to 159 mm


N/A 4.25 to 10 in108 to 254 mm


N/A 9.15 to 15 in23 to 381 mm


N/A 0.38 to 6.25 in10 to 159 mm


N/A 5.5 to 11.25 in140 to 286 mm


N/A 9.15 to 15 in23 to 381 mm


N/A 20 lb9 kg